Generic & Brand Name Medication from Mexico, No Prescription Required

  Generic & Brand Name Medication from Mexico, No Prescription Required

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Save money on your next prescription drug order!
Many Prescription Drugs can be now be ordered safely and reliably at significant savings compared to U.S. prices! These discounted prescriptions will be mailed directly to you from a reputable, licensed Mexican Pharmacy!

You may order up to a 3 month supply to further increase your savings!
No prescription needed! (Note - Of course prescription medications should only be taken in accordance with the advice of a medical professional)

Why buy from a Mexican Pharmacy?
You now have the same opportunity that U.S. citizens living along the Mexican and Canadian borders have had for years to save on their prescription costs! Let us bring the border to you!

You too can now enjoy the same deep discounts with the additional benefit of not having the inconvenience of getting to and crossing the border by ordering your prescriptions directly from a reputable Mexican Pharmacy! Obtaining discount drugs are a necessity with the cost of prescriptions skyrocketing. You can order up to a 3 month supply and avoid the hassles of driving, parking and long waits standing in lines to overpay at your local pharmacy. Prescriptions in Mexico are safe and in many cases made by the same manufacturers as those distributed in the U.S. We work only with reputable, licensed pharmacies so you won't have to worry about receiving outdated or counterfeit drugs. Keep in mind that cosmetic differences such as color of pill, packaging, etc. are possible due to marketing or packaging issues. We have tried to list the Mexican name of the drug if it's different than the U.S. version of the same drug.

Large savings are to be found in certain arthritis, antibiotics, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, depression, diuretics, fertility, herpes, migraine, nail fungus, and ulcer medications to name a few.